Saturday, February 11, 2012


i have always wanted to have my own blog. now i made an effort and finally created one :). its interesting to have a place where i can talk about lots of things.
as the name of the blog suggests i'll be talking about everything. its just as when a group of girlfriends sit around a circle chatting about everything ...... thats the same way i'll be doing here. just like girls can start talking about boyfriends n the troubles they get and switch to the latest fashion or the latest music, and the events going down in the weekends like today there's cupid's revenge and i'm missing out because i'm outa town ;(.
anyhu i will be talking about all the latest everything you gossip about whats going on in town. this blog will be my comfort zone where i talk about just anything & everything (get used to hearing that). i will ensure that i get you hooked like a drug. iam just as happy as that kid for finally starting to blog

stay safe bloggers

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